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Video SEO Expert - What You Need to Know

Who Provides the Best Video SEO Services?

Rather than get into a whole lot of woffle I will start of with some reviews so you know you know you are going to be dealing with someone who knows something about video seo.

Here are just some of my Video SEO Expert reviews. These are "real" reviews which you can find under my Gigs: 

"One of the few people I trust to do some of the outsourcing work I need to have completed."

"Exemplary work, communication and delivery - will order again!"

"I was completely out of my element ordering this gig, and tony helped answer questions and make sure everything was done correctly. The gig wasn't even done and i started getting calls from it."

"This gig is amazing. Our video went from 86th in youtube to #1 in a 2 day period. Will be using again with out a doubt"

"Tony always delivers and goes above and beyond expectations."

"Oh My God...what an enormous gig and incredible amount of work. Not only did Tony get this huge gig done on time, but he was extremely patient with me, even skyping to explain and get the answers from me that he needed to properly do the gig. Add to that, that I couldn't find anyone else with 5,000 blogs with lawyer/attorney content to embed me on either...this is a one of kind gig to say the least. I'll be using Tony and his gigs from here out and you should too if you really need to rank a video in a niche he covers!"

"All metrics are even higher now than in the screenshots he delivered - very happy"

"Very impressed with the results of this campaign! It's worth every penny!"

"Tony always delivers what he promises! I will be coming back again! Thank you."

"I am super impressed with this Gig. Just got the email telling me the gig was finished and im seeing a lot of movement so far. actually this looks to be the best gig on SM as for as value added to my IM . I am hovering at the 4th position but im seeing it jump into the 3pk and up to the 1 position and its just been a few days. I cant wait to see what the next few weeks bring. I highly recommend This gig for sure. I also purchased the Ninja Map. looks great. Thank you"

"I have been SEO for 10 years or so - So, via the evidence I can tell you honestly that this gig created a huge push on the site's rankings! And as the work Tony did continues to index, the link juice will continue to flow! Additionally, you will find no one as helpful, knowledgeable and professional as Tony! Do yourself a favor, get to know Tony!"

Anyway there is over 400 five star reviews so I can't add them all here but at least you will have a good idea that I know something about Video SEO and why may video seo services stand among other Video SEO Experts.

Here is a video where I go over my Video SEO Services

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