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Tony "Video SEO Hero" Peacock

This is yours truly. Some of you may know me from the Video Marketing Group on Facebook which I founded in 2015.

To give you some background data. I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland.

Traveled around Australia doing door to door selling for about 5 years selling photographic sessions, car alarms and Kirby's.

Then I got into advertising, sales, and marketing while learning how to juggle, bungee jump, skydive and firewalk. 

In 2011 I got married and ended up moving to Russia to live with my wife and there began my career in Video Marketing.

After a while and through a lot of trial and error I developed my skill in Video SEO.

Although I don't sell "let me rank your video" or "I can rank you on the first page of Google" I do work hard to provide my clients with good and effective Video SEO services and do my best to deliver more than what was expected.

Some of the clients who have really benefited from the Video SEO work I have done you can see on the reviews page.

I am constantly building up the portfolio of WEB 2.0 blogs and now have almost 1.5 million blogs covering some 2500+ niches.

You can see all the blog categories here.

If you are looking for someone that is reliable and who takes pride in their work then I just may be the Video SEO Hero you have been looking for. 

Check out my Video SEO Services here or return to the Home Page.

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